The Benefits of Using Perlite for Construction 


Perlite is being used all over the world right now as an alternative building solution and has been for over 70 years. It has become a standard in the construction industry in the northern hemisphere for its unique properties, especially when used for insulation. Perlite itself has a range of interesting applications. From botany to construction. For the purposes of the building industry, since this is where the benefits are most felt, here are some of the top advantages of this unique material.

Perlite offers excellent thermal insulation

Perlite comprises millions of tiny glassy air bubbles particles that act as insulation cavities and reduce heat transmission resulting in significant savings in heating and cooling costs.

By simply plastering a wall both sides using a perlite and cement composite, the thermal resistance of a double wall is more than doubled. This means that you have the equivalent of a wall 4,4 bricks thick. Similarly, perlite composites offer great thermal insulation properties in the wall as cavity fills as well as for floor and roof screeds.


Perlite is Lightweight

When mixed with cement, perlite not only provides significant insulation but performs this function  without adding unnecessary strain on the structure, since it is a remarkably lightweight material. This is largely due to the fact that expanded perlite particles resemble a frothy collection of glass-walled closed cells that weigh from 30kg to 120kg per m3. It is this frothiness that gives perlite its impressive insulation capabilities as well as it’s feathery light weight. When perlite is combined with cement as an aggregate replacement, it is much lighter than conventional concrete, providing real structural design and transport benefits.

Perlite is Comparatively Safer

Unlike other insulation products, perlite is safe for people, homes and the environment. It has very little impact on the environment, is completely non-toxic, is fire proof as well as chemical resistant. This makes it an excellent material for keeping your structures, and those living within them, safe from harm. The fact that the material doesn’t sustain pests, means that it won’t end up attracting them to your structures, which is often a problem with other home insulation materials.

Perlite is Cost-Effective

Compared to many other insulation materials, perlite offers a cost-effective alternative without compromising on its quality and functionality. This makes it the ideal solution for projects that need to keep the comfort levels up and the costs down.

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