CemteQ joins the Green Building Council of South Africa 


CemteQ has shown its commitment to sustainability and its responsibility to the South African built environment by joining the Green Building Council. We look forward to being part of this forward-thinking group of industry-leaders who are actively championing and promoting the sustainable architecture and construction cause and driving best practices.

As producers of exfoliated Perlite and value-added products for the construction industry, we believe that we have an important role to play in areas such as lightweight, insulating concrete, floor and roof screeds, plaster, loose fill cavity wall insulation, precast cladding and decorative applications. With the relevant SANS 8301 conductivity tests and compresive tests behind us, we look forward to working with architects and green building consultants on their particular challenges.

CemteQ develops and manufactures sustainable Perlite and cement-based building materials for their significant thermal insulation, lightweight, acoustic and fire-resistant properties.