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sustainable materials for
the construction industry.

CemteQ is committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing smart, world-class building materials that contribute meaningfully to the way people build and live. We offer a bespoke range of lightweight products and systems that weigh significantly less than conventional masonry walling, are solid, simpler, quicker and cleaner to erect, significantly cut down on building times and tick the thermal insulation, acoustic, fire-resistance and green building boxes. We offer high quality exfoliated perlite and perlite-cement blends for lightweight, insulating applications in the building industry. Together with cement and designer admixtures, we also recycle polystyrene as an aggregate replacement for its significant lightweight and thermal properties. In this way, we are able to incorporate waste material that would otherwise end up in landfills into the building process as well as providing much-needed employment and housing.

Our Products


Perlite is an inorganic material with excellent thermal insulation prope…

Perlite Screeds

ScreedLite comprises special blends of exfoliated perlite and cementitio…

Perlite Plaster

PlasterLite comprises and special blend of exfoliated perlite, cementiti…

Perlite Cavity Insulation

Almost half of all global construction perlite is used in cavity or bloc…

Lightweight Blocks

Our lightweight jumbo blocks offer an eco‑friendly, cost‑effective walli…

Lightweight Concrete

Our bespoke designer blends put sustainability right at the heart of con…

Silica Plaster

PlasterteQ is a versatile, preblended plaster comprising a special blend…

Our Projects

View our latest projects that we have been involved in. CemteQ, a leading supplier of lightweight building technology, specialises in developing and producing smart, world-class building materials that are sustainable and contribute meaningfully to the way people build and live.

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Lightweight, sustainable building materials