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CemteQ’s engineered products and systems weigh 20% to 50% of conventional materials, offering distinct structural design benefits and making them easier to work with and transport.

All products and systems offer significantly higher Rvalues than traditional building materials, saving on heating and cooling costs.

Products and systems are nonflammable and all components are tested to withstand fire for 12 hours dependent on thickness.

Due to the nature of our infill materials and the design matrix, our lightweight materials and systems offer similar sound insulation and noise reduction to conventional masonry walling.

Perlite does not rot or decay. Polystyrene and plastic are trapped in concrete and therefore do not wear or decay.

Perlite is an inorganic volcanic mineral which is highly regarded in green building applications for its energy efficient properties. By using recycled polystyrene and regenerated plastic we divert waste from landfills into beneficial building projects. Our lightweight walling systems have amongst the lowest carbon footprints of any construction system. Where possible, bags and waste material are collected and reused.

CemteQ products have been specifically developed to ensure that application does not deviate from familiar building practices.

CemteQ products and systems provide fitforpurpose lightweight, thermal and acoustic insulation and fire-resistant solutions which ensure structural returns in the short term and energy savings over the life of the building.