Building Sustainably

We strive to advance the use of sustainable building materials to enrich people and benefit the planet by developing and producing low carbon footprint products using recycled waste materials. We use perlite as an aggregate replacement in our composite green products for the following sustainable benefits:

Perlite is an inorganic, siliceous mineral, is non‑toxic and poses no threat to humans, animals or marine life

Perlite is inorganic, stable and does not decompose or break down

No chemicals are used, no by‑products or waste are produced in processing perlite

100% of perlite is returned to the ecocycle at its end of life

Globally, extensive reserves of perlite are available. Less than 1% of these have been mined

Sustainable Materials

We also use repurposed polystyrene as an aggregate replacement in many of our products.

Polystyrene is used as an effective aggregate replacement in lightweight concrete for building much needed homes

The collection of polystyrene and plastic provides an income for dozens of people

All materials have excellent insulating insulation properties with long‑term savings in energy consumption over the lifecycle of buildings. We are actively seeking to repurpose waste or bi-products with suitable properties into green buildings. In many cases, this significantly reduces the tragic volumes of material that end up in landfills.