Perlite – the sustainable alternative 


Sustainability is defined as meeting our own economic, environmental and social needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Not only does exfoliated perlite meet these “green” criteria but it is also inorganic, non-combustable, odourless and durable, pH neutral and has a very low carbon footprint. Perlite is used by commercial growers, landscapers and home gardeners in growing media for better soil porosity and water drainage. It is a relatively inexpensive and practically untapped raw material with less than 1% of the global reserve base having been mined. Mining has limited impact on the environment as there is little overburden to manage and there is minimal waste. No chemicals are used in processing perlite, it is chemically inert and no by-products are produced. Perlite is non-toxic and inert and poses no threat to humans, animals or marine life. 100% of Perlite is returned to the ecocycle at its end of life. Perlite has excellent insulating qualities with long-term savings in energy consumption when used as an aggregate replacement in concrete, plaster and screed. It is also used in various precast building products, making them lighter and easier to transport. hashtagsustainability hashtagenergy hashtagenvironmental hashtagconcrete hashtagbuildings hashtagPerlite