Perlite plaster provides sophisticated benefits 


Wall plaster using Perlite as a replacement aggregate for conventional plaster sand offers a number of unique benefits. Perlite and cement composite plaster offers significant thermal insulation and fire-resistant properties and weighs roughly 25% of traditional plasters.

With the addition of fibres and smart admixtures, perlite and cement plaster composites also provide better crack-resistance, a super-smooth finish and similar workability to traditional float and skim plasters.

Our preblended and bagged PlasterLite product combines high quality white cement with our unique, snow white Perlite and various admixtures to improve workability and stickiness and microfibres for additional strength. The end result is a superior plaster which offers an excellent finish in a single coat, good workability, a beautiful off-white/cream colour without powdering and the unique insulation, fire-resistant and lightweight properties. What’s more, the on-the-wall cost is only approximately 15% more than a wall plastered and skimmed the traditional way.

CemteQ PlasterLite is a one-step material for trowel-on or low-velocity pumped plaster applications. As with all wall finishes, best-practice surface preparation is very important. To activate the admixtures, a low-speed mixer should be used to ensure that the perlite particles are not pulverised and the product should be mixed for roughly three to five minutes. It can be applied using a trowel or low-velocity concrete pump in a similar way to traditional plaster, is cut using a conventional straight edge and is floated using a steel or wooden trowel to the desired texture or to an extremely smooth finish. To prevent brittle plaster or cracks, the plaster must be kept damp for between 3 and 7 days and must not be allowed to dry in direct sunlight or wind.

Our PlasterLite product comes in a convenient, just-add-water 15kg/38,5l bag.