SA Reserve Bank – Pretoria (Lightweight Perlite Screeds) 

IMG_4252 (002)

Getting levels right without overloading suspended slabs is often a challenge. CemteQ recently supplied nearly 200m³ of a specially-blended Screedlite perlite-based lightweight screed to the South African Reserve Bank building in Pretoria as part of the building refurbishment. With a cured density of 800-850kg/m3 and a strength of between 6MPa and 8MPa at 28 days, the material was used to level the roof of the building and create slopes to fall. CemteQ’s ScreedLite consists of a blend of cementitious materials and construction-grade perlite with excellent lightweight and thermal insulation properties. The material was specially blended in 500 litre bulk bags for ease of handling on site.